Daily Archive: April 14, 2009



In honor of the Easter weekend I suppose, the Sunday Magazine lead article in the NyTimes this week was about the immigration of African forms of Christianity into America, particularly of a Pentecostal variety....


I’ll Take Getting the Econ Crisis Wrong for $2,000 Alex

Sorry Mr. President this just isn’t right: The heart of this financial crisis is that too many banks and other financial institutions simply stopped lending money. Errr.  The correct answer is “What is a...


Call to Arms

I think conservatives are justifiably upset by the Department of Homeland Security’s recent report on right-wing domestic terrorism. It’s not that I find the idea of violent extremism totally implausible (I don’t!), I just...


tech bleg

So I’m the kind to always build my own PCs from parts, cause I hate paying a premium, tend to build higher-end systems (where the economic advantage is highest), don’t want to pay for...


There’s GAAP and then there’s GAAAP

When I was in my graduate finance program many years ago, the accounting professors told us that the meaning of the acronym GAAP was Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  When I took my class in...


quote of the day

It must have been caused by a gay marriage in Vermont! ~commenter jaycbird over at Dreher’s digs, on why Mel Gibson’s wife is filing for divorce.