the local school district today


Erik Kain

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Joseph FM says:

    That’s what state balanced-budget amendments get you: an inability to deal with recessions except by screwing our kids. I can’t say I’m surprised.

    As a Floridian, again, I’m used to this. People move here when they’re old to avoid paying taxes (while of course living off the payroll taxes that ate up a quarter of my minimum wage, back when I could find work at all), leaving our schools the worst-funded-per-student in the nation. It’s disgusting…and utterly unsurprising.Report

  2. Avatar Koz says:

    About time. Everybody ought to know, that butter is far more expensive and less efficient (in the choice of guns versus butter), but surprisingly few do. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find exactly the right places to cut, since forced reforms are often haphazard. If I had to start somewhere, I’d pass a law through Congress stopping all future accruals in defined-benefit pension plans for all public sector employees.Report

  3. Avatar Joel says:

    Everybody ought to know, that butter is far more expensive and less efficient

    Guns? is betterReport

  4. Avatar Kevin Carson says:

    Remember those studies that show the death rate goes down during doctors’ strikes, the crime rate goes down during police strikes, etc.?

    Just sayin’.Report