Daily Archive: April 9, 2009


A Meditation for Good Friday

The strangest (and perhaps sickest it could be argued) thing we Christians say is that this day is good.  Why?  What sense does it make to call a day in which you remember how...


adventures in invective

“What leaves me with a queasy feeling, though, is the growing sense that Obama is willing to denigrate America in order to boost his own personal popularity in other countries. As President, Obama has...


on a roll

Original poetry by Erik Kain.


even this ship needs steering

Via Andrew, Felix Salmon pokes holes in a list of necessary reforms from Nassim Taleb: Taleb’s first principle is that “nothing should ever become too big to fail”. But all economies have too-big-to-fail institutions;...


Say Good-bye to your local Farmer’s Market

This reminds me of the ridiculous measures taken after the lead scare.  Not good news, to be sure.  Funny how we got along just fine without any of these massive outbreaks of food-contamination until...


How Movement Conservatives Are Killing Capitalism

When you falsely complain that every single thing your opponents try to do is socialism and absurdly hold your bloviating, unpopular selves up as bastions of capitalism, you probably shouldn’t be surprised when people...


When Should Judges Defer?

Note – Will and I exchanged a few emails on judicial activism, cultural change, and the courts’ public legitimacy in the wake of the Iowa gay marriage ruling. We’ve published an edited version below:...