Daily Archive: April 7, 2009


The Business of Conflict

“When conflict becomes a business, a nation’s business becomes conflict. When mighty industries are built on war, only a fool will expect peace.” –Philip Primeau Philip’s larger point – that a privatized national defense,...


Pandora Conundrum

I long ago gave up buying or even downloading music in favor of streaming it for free on Pandora – a free online radio station that does a pretty impressive job of tuning its...


This is good…

…but it seems like a lot of trade-offs rather than any real measure to slash the slush-fund that is our defense budget.


Equal Protection Under the Laws: The Libertarian Ideal

Thanks to John, I am pointed to these two rather strange arguments in favor of the Drug War and against libertarian use of statistics on race against the Drug War from Jonah Goldberg.  John...


Progressive Traditionalism?

I read Leviticus last year while studying Judaism and I noticed exactly the same thing Ron Beasley is on to in this post. The problem with fundamentalism is it can’t really operate in the...


Mario Loyola is making sense

Here’s a sober response to North Korea’s latest provocation: Because we are not willing to starve the poor North Koreans, and because Kim Jong-Il is even less willing to give up his nuclear weapons...


Saved By The Bell’s Twisted Morality

Every morning while we’re getting our daughter ready for the day, my wife watches Saved By The Bell re-runs.  It occured to me this morning how twisted that show’s morality was. 


The Madman of Tehran

Moses Maimonides, the famous Jewish physician and theologian of Medieval Cordoba, had a tendency to refer to the Muslim Prophet Mohammad as “the madman.”  Maimonides had reasons abundant to use this term.  The Jews...