Daily Archive: April 3, 2009


Quote for the Day (April 4th)

“But for the record, I don’t think white people have to answer for Glenn Beck. It was a joke.” –-Ta-Nehisi Coates Thank God for that or we honkeys would be straight f–ed.


Multi-generational living…

Freddie informs us that upwards of 66% of college grads intend to move back in with their parents due to the current economy and (lack of a) job market.  Man is it good to...


Friday Night Jukebox, DIY Edition

As a fellow part-time hipster, I found a lot to like in William Brafford’s meditation on DIY indie rock and localism: Here’s the application to politics. DIY never sought to replace the major labels;...


Indie rock, DIY, localism.

E.D. wrote, “The idealism of the paleoconservative cause is simply too burdened by the idealism of its vision.” To which I offer—not necessarily as a rebuttal—three letters: DIY. As punks and hardcore kids in...

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