The early church and its franchises.

William Brafford

William Brafford grew up in North Carolina, home of the world's best barbecue, indie rock, and regional soft drinks. He just barely sustains a personal blog and "tweets" every now and then under the name @williamrandolph.

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5 Responses

  1. matoko_chan says:

    I'll run with a market analogy.
    Once I pinkslipped god.
    And Sir Richard? He is attempting a hostile takeover of the franchise. Report

  2. William Brafford says:

    Please don't run with the market analogy. I read the Boyer article, and his explanation was so much more interesting than the market analogy because he doesn't reduce it to the material benefits people expect to receive, but rather to the selection value of the religious concepts, regardless of what people expect to get from them. So much better than consumers and branding. Report

  3. Paul says:

    “Branding” language is just dreadful as a way of understanding modern “brands”, nevermind the spread of religions.Report