Daily Archive: April 1, 2009


(D)Evolutionary Marcionism

It must be anti-Bloggingheads day on TLOG.  William B. wrote this post criticizing Bob Wright’s piece in The Atlantic.  Freddie is blasting away at Mickey Kaus.  And I’m about to pile on Wright’s piece...


quote of the day

The kerfuffle over the Obama commencement at Notre Dame has sparked a lot of rather boorish commentary.  A more nuanced approach is hard to find, but not impossible:



I’ve been struck since this blog’s inception but especially over the last couple of weeks by just how top-notch the comments section is especially compared to much of what passes for discussion across the...


The early church and its franchises.

I had to cough-barf my way through Robert Wright’s article on religion and globalization in the April 2009 Atlantic. It’s called “One World, Under God,” and it tries to explain the spread of early...


Around the Web on April 1st

The Guardian is reporting that it’s ditching ink and paper in favor of Twitter.  From now on all news stories will come in the form of tweets, propelling the newspaper way, way ahead in...


Stranger than Nonfiction

Looking for a glimpse into the conservative foreign policy id? Try National Review’s Rich Lowry, whose latest techno-thriller has just been published: After learning that an Iranian scientist is in the process of developing...


It’s official

I’m now a neoconservative.  You nihilists are now done for.  My moral clarity trumps all. Ok, April Fools although I do have the asshole part down pretty well.