Daily Archive: March 25, 2009


Quote of the Day

This, from Aziz Poonwalla, sums up the problem with Talk Radio Dogmatism, the Cult of the Image of Reagan, and Talking Heads Conservatism in one sentence, especially the words I bolded: Movement status, especially...


rap battle

Stephen Colbert’s rap was pretty funny, but the clips of Michael Steele that his video editing team put together is priceless…



The concept of describing alcoholics as either “on” or “off” the wagon is one I have trouble wrapping my brain around.  To me, I imagine being “on the wagon” with some friends knocking back...


The View from my Wife’s Lens

[Chris] The View from Your Window today at Sullivan’s digs is a photo my lovely wife took on our honeymoon.   We stayed in a well constructed wood hut.  The very cool owners had...


Conservative De-Nihilism

There’s something remarkably self-absorbed and, well, amusing, about someone who either never heard of a website or, in the alternative, never actually visited the site claiming to understand what that site’s demise demonstrates.  The only thing...


Extricating Oneself From a Buzz-Saw

On further review, I’m persuaded that I overstated the argument that localism requires globalism.  Says the pro-free trade James Joyner: While they of course retain distinct local flavors, it’s amazing how similar the major metropolitan areas...

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