Daily Archive: March 21, 2009


Economics Round-Up, or: Why We are All Screwed

I don’t know about anybody else, but this whole treasury/bailout/banking thing is just mind-numbing and overwhelming and I find myself in turns going from angry to confused to depressed to giggling and I’m just...


Jacob Weisberg, I promise– I promise– 100 years from today, millions of paper-and-ink books will be being printed. I promise.


what the Journolist kerfuffle suggests

This whole Journolist fracas that has been kicking around lately has again dredged up some of my suspicions about how the right really views the institutions they consider to be on the left. Look,...



….are in order for Daniel Larison whose graduation was today.  The Ph.D. is finally in the bag.  Now he can bring out the big guns….