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Mark of New Jersey

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  1. You left out many, many inconvenient, but nonetheless “indisputable” facts. Here is one that’s gathering steam.

    AIPAC stole classified information about US companies and associations lobbying against the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement in 1984. The agreement has been a one way drain on US industries, producing a $71 billion cumulative deficit, equivalent to around 100,000 US jobs each year over the last decade. Subsequent intellectual property theft of arms designs, pharmaceutical clinical dossiers, and national defense information have cost the US billions of dollars, and in some cases placed advanced weaponry in the hands of US adversaries.

    Now *that’s* extraordinary! But not gentlemanly.

    Not sure when Andrew Sullivan is going to get some facts either…Report

  2. Avatar Markus says:

    Yeah, they’re just like every Tom, Dick, and Harry lobbying group, only better. Wow, you’re so brave for pointing this out, you deserve a medal.

    What they have, that other don’t…is the ability to accuse someone of being an anti-semite, to accuse someone of being evil. To destroy their enemy.Report

  3. Avatar jaydee says:

    If what you say is the case then why doesn’t AIPAC register as a foreign policy lobby like every other foreign policy lobby in the U.S. of A. And how come Israel doesn’t have to keep the world informed about the number of nuclear weapons they have just like every other country does.Report

  4. Avatar Katherine says:

    The reason people complain about “the Israel lobby” is things like the Chas Freedman controversy – the fact that nobody who goes against what AIPAC and its adherents believe in can achieve any significant position in the US government, so there is inevitably a debate that is wholly one-sided. And I find it hard to believe AIPAC does not have a substantial role in gaining large amounts of US military funding for Israel. Even people who do believe Israel should be “safe and secure” can oppose extraordinary amounts of military aid being given to a nation which is – and has shown it is – quite capable of defending itself, very much militarily superior to any other nation in the region, and in possession of at least a few hundred nuclear warheads; and which demonstrates no concern whatsoever for civilian life in the ways it wages war.Report