Daily Archive: March 19, 2009


Geithner and AIG

I guess there’s only one guy to blame for the AIG bonuses, so next time Obama revs up the populist righteous indignation he knows who to direct it at…. 


less (legal and moral) light re: abortion

Kyle over at Vogue Republic has a thought-provoking two parter set (Part I and Part II) of reflections responding to Freddie’s post the other day on liberal induction and abortion rights.  Kyle covers a...


because not all poems should fall on Sundays

After Work ~by Gary Snyder The shack and a few trees float in the blowing fog I pull out your blouse, warm my cold hands on your breasts. you laugh and shudder peeling garlic...


us lacking political capacity

Clive Crook writing in The Financial Times: Political capacity is the real key, and here is where I would question the administration’s judgment. The prospects for Mr Obama’s agenda depend on his ability to...


Remarking on the Unremarkable and Making it Remarkable

Earlier tonight, I expressed surprise that the idea that AIPAC is more powerful and active than any other foreign policy interest group is deemed at all controversial.  I went on to point out some...