Daily Archive: March 18, 2009


Needs More AIPAC!

In comments downblog, Roque Nuevo is looking for something to back up E.D.’s assertion that “No other foreign policy lobby is as active or as strong as AIPAC.” Whatever one’s feelings about American policy...


no trees were harmed in the making of this blog

I suppose when it comes to politics I am a bit of a mixed bag.  I think ideally moving away from a large federal state, a massive coporate economy and toward a localized, self-determining...


turn on, tune in, opt out

Writes Andrew Sullivan: Andrew Biggs highlights an interesting new study on social security finding that 48 percent of American workers would opt out if they had the choice. I sure would. [emphasis added] Okay,...


Dear Abby

Jack Gillis proves that sometimes less is more: Dear Abby: I’ve been in a long-term relationship with Benry. Bank cheated on me back in the 1930s but I put my foot down at the...


induction leading to abortion qualms

This is the product of late-night thinking, and my ideas tend to be even more crack-pot in that context. So fair warning. Those who have read me for some time know that I am...

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