The Myth of Europeanism


Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    It’s a sample problem.

    All the folks who moved here from there are the folks most likely to say something to the effect of “I hated it over there, so I was willing to put up with your country’s BS immigration system to move here.”

    Seriously, if someone hates their country enough to put up with our BS immigration system, they will not be telling stories about how great it is back home.

    The folks who like it back there just fine… well. They don’t interact with us over here as much.Report

  2. Jaybird:
    Good point. I had intended to make a similar point, but for whatever reason forgot to put it into the post. Thank you for reminding me.Report

  3. Avatar Bob says:

    Ross Douthat covered the same topic a few days back, “The Case for Small Government,” March 13, 2009. He seems to have reached pretty much the same conclusion. He writes, “That’s because both the American and the European models of government are successful in purely practical terms, to the extent that purely practical terms exist – which is to say, both models have provided, over an extended period of time, levels of prosperity and stability unparalleled in human history. (Yes, the stresses that Islamic immigration and demographic decline are imposing on Europe are real and serious – but I think it’s too soon to say, with Murray and many on the Right, that ‘the European model can’t continue to work much longer,’ full stop.”

    Douthat, as one would expect, gives greater weight to the moral/religious values supposedly found in American society than you do. You mention these in passing, Douthah writes, “How much do you prize voluntarism, entrepreneurship, and the value of lives oriented around service to one’s family, and to God? The more you do, the more you’ll find to like in the American arrangement.”

    Yep, for Ross both systems are “practical” but Europe is that moral “hell hole” you mention but to your credit also reject.Report

  4. Avatar Freddie says:

    Did you check out James Poulos in the Boston Globe? Thought it might be worth a look in this context.

  5. Freddie: Poulos is always worth a look! I didn’t know about that piece, which is vintage Poulos. He does seem to be more focused on the EU’s problems of the moment than on the policies of individual European countries, but it’s definitely relevant.Report