Daily Archive: March 3, 2009


Regarding Rush

I suppose the reason I haven’t commented much on the resurgence of Rush Limbaugh into the national spotlight, is I have never, ever taken the Great Bloviator seriously.  He’s always been just another talk-radio...


re: PC and Mac

I hate to do this, but to all the emailers who told me, in response to this post, that nobody actually believes that there are meaningful sociological differences between PC and Mac users, well…....


Front Porch Republic

So this is a neat new site for any of you who may read Daniel Larison, Rod Dreher, Patrick J. Deneen and the many other conservative writers who make up Front Porch Republic.  I’m...


pbs doc: inside the meltdown

Cheerful viewing.  This is the recent PBS Frontline Documentary on the financial implosion.  It’s got some heavy hitters, and I like it in some regards.  My main criticism of the piece however is the...

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