Is it just me or has there been a lot phrases bandied about lately that come, for lack of a better phrase, trippingly off the tongue?  For instance “liberal liberalism” vs “illiberal liberalism” (or posts that begin with “a” then move on to “liberal” which reads almost as “a-liberal” which then sounds like “illiberal”) or the the nuances of libertarianism vs liberaltarianism (don’t miss the second “l”…oh and is there a clever word for conservative libertarianism?  Ah yes, Conservatarian…that’s much easier…)  and then of course all the other “isms” not often heard in modern discourse which have been suddenly tossed into the mix – statism, for instance, we hear a good deal less frequently than say, populism or liberalism or having-your-cake-and-eating-it-tooism.  Even pluralism has reared its ugly head (though where escapes me at the moment.  In any case it has luckily receded…)

And I, for one, have missed the point on at least one post by James Poulos in the last week that was entirely my own fault, and entirely due to having run a fever for the last three days, and the title of which made me envision, for no good reason, the Westminster Dog Show.  Having a two-year old is a great joy, but brings with it (alas!) many coldisms….

…c’est la vie…

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