Daily Archive: February 16, 2009


climate partisanship

George Will isn’t the only conservative partisan using global warming as a wedge issue.  Both sides of the debate, to some degree, have used climate change theory to their political advantage.  Al Gore has...


more on Kaus

Conor Friedersdorf and Erik are joing Daniel Larison in pushing back strongly against me in the comments of my previous post. Like I said in the update, I must concede to them that Kaus...


Phony in-house Conservative Battles

My former political editor at the late-great Culture11, James Poulos makes an excellent contribution to a roundtable discussing Sam Tanenhaus’ piece declaring the death of movement conservativism.  Tanenhaus’ original article is here.  The roundtable...


the continuing fraud of Mickey Kaus

Daniel Larison once took me to task (check the comments) for saying that Mickey Kaus is a faux-liberal; it’s been my opinion that Kaus’s “I’m a liberal, just a reformer!” shtick is just that,...


Commonhood Liberaltarianism

As one of the two resident unidentifiable (politically) members of the League, I thought I might give some sense of where I’m coming by riffing off Mark’s excellent post on Liberaltarianism in the Obama...


goodnight, Sunday, and Monday tomorrow

So I had a long post all written out, and I don’t know, maybe I will rework it someday. It has been an emotionally wrenching day today and I am spent in the good...

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