Daily Archive: February 9, 2009


Economic Interventionism

Mark raises an interesting point: Finally, I’d put an end to the concept of economic or diplomatic sanctions as a meaningful manner of achieving most diplomatic ends (the exception being targeted sanctions solely intended to...


I, troll

Alan Jacobs has some thoughts on the virtues and vices of blogging, vis a vis the seemingly endless “is religious belief rational” merry-go-round. He says As everyone knows, the less complex and nuanced the...


Getting Our Priorities in Order

Responding to E.D.’s post last week, Roque Nuevo wrote: “the world generally” agrees that national sovereignty, pluralism, respect for individual rights are also “good for the world generally.” This is absolutely a fair point,...


Snow in Arizona

I think we’re at eight inches so far, with another foot expected today, and Lord knows how much more after that.  I remember when we first planned to move to Arizona, everyone I spoke...


Stimulation After (Economic) Climax

I see Mssr. J. Schwenkler linked to and posted some of a recent Brian Beutler-Megan McArdle Bloggingheads on the stimulus bill. McArdle lays out her own priorities for a stimulus bill.  Her basic argument...

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