“All I want… to kno-ow! All I want!”


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  1. Tripp says:

    Danzig’s post-Misfits career is a giant exercise in pomposity, which may limit the celebration of a truly great band. This would have been a fun band to see live.Report

  2. Freddie says:

    Yes, solo Danzig is like if you take the Misfits and remove the fun, spirit and DIY ethos. So it’s just some asshole singing about vampires and evil and taking himself really seriously.Report

  3. Tripp says:

    Have you seen the Danzig singing his grocery list video? Quite funny.

  4. enargus says:


  5. Philip Primeau says:

    God, they were awesome. “Saturday Night” is one of the greatest love songs ever written. Also swell: “Little Angelfuck” and “Last Carress” (possibly the greatest anti-love song ever written).Report

  6. Philip Primeau says:

    And I can remember when I saw her last
    We were running all around and having a blast
    But the back seat of the drive-in
    Is so lonely without you
    I know when you’re home
    I was thinking about you,
    There was was something I forgot to say
    I was crying on a Saturday night
    I was out cruising without you,
    They were playing our song
    Crying on Saturday nightReport

  7. Freddie says:

    My Favorites I think are

    1.Last Caress
    2.Astro Zombies
    4.Hybrid Moments
    5. Die Die My Darling

    I also dig “Teenagers from Mars” but that’s a little too close to self parody.Report

  8. Philip Primeau says:

    Good time to mention that fucking goddamn “Viva La Vida” is “Song of the Year.”


    What I’d give to see Glenn Danzig assault Chris Martin — brutally! And not Danzig in his prime. Like, I’m imaginging fat, burnt-out GD open palm slapping that pompous d-bag across the face in front of MTV nation, and then maybe pissing on him or chewing on his fingers.

    Melt his face!Report

  9. Philip Primeau says:

    Freddo, you ever heard of Christian Death? Not a big fan in general, but they have one truly inspired song that is reminiscent of vintage Misfits, but a bit more serious and well composed. These are live versions, so they;re a little rough, but if you like the feel, consider downloading the real deal.

    Without further ado, “Romeo’s Distress,” by Christian Death.



    (Two versions, the second minus the original singer, but of better quality besides that.)Report

  10. Freddie says:

    My buddy Jason and I used to have this plot where we’d go to some sad boy music show like Coldplay or such and then burst on stage and run through a set of Napalm Death, just really blow the doors off all those fuckers.Report