Daily Archive: February 7, 2009


Opportunity, Society, and the Role of the State

A few thoughts on Freddie’s post below. First, I think $10/hour is a pretty reasonable wage for a clerk at Wal*Mart.  It’s not exactly the sort of job we’d expect people to make very...


calling bullshit on bullshit

Andrew links approvingly to another frivolous experiment that seeks to show that bootstrapping rhetoric isn’t dead, and that if you are hard-working and smart, you can rise up and overcome, etc. etc., into the...


“All I want… to kno-ow! All I want!”

lyrics feature adult language The Misfits, to me, are genius, and I don’t know why they don’t get more credit as essential pop-punk forefathers. So many great, two-minute punk rock songs, major-key and ecstatic....