Good show Cardinals…

Erik Kain

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7 Responses

  1. Chris Dierkes says:

    hats off to them. they left their hearts, bodies, everything on the field. as a bengal fan, I feel your pain remembering sadly as a young man watching boomer take our boys down for the score only to watch montana connect to taylor in the back of the end zone with just seconds remaining.Report

  2. E.D. Kain says:

    Thanks, Chris. I remember that game, too, though I was just a boy at the time. This was our first real shot at greatness, and even though we lost, hot-damn what a game!Report

  3. Chris Dierkes says:

    yeah–by young man I meant 9.

    i do remember (this actually as a young man in my twenties) watching larry fitz play at pitt and thinking–this dude is the genuine article. that guy is legit.Report

  4. As a lifelong Bills fan, let’s just say I feel your pain. If it’s any consolation, that game was as good or better than Super Bowl XXV (aka “that game”), which in my mind is saying a lot.Report

  5. E.D. Kain says:

    Yeah, it was a damn good game regardless of the outcome. Damn good.Report

  6. Joey says:

    It was a great game, which I say as someone who turned it on with no investment in the outcome, emotional or otherwise, and found myself drawn in as I cooked dinner (potato gnocci with a portabello mushroom sauce) for my girlfriend as she worked hard on a web page design for a class.Report

  7. Not to condone Harrison’s personal foul, it was terrible, BUT several times during the game blockers went low on him i.e. cut him down at the knees. While this is perfectly legal, on more than one occasion he was engaged with a lineman when another went low on him. Again, not to condone his foul but there is some context to it.Report