re:ratiocination: mexican drug insurgency edition



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  1. Avatar Kyle E. Moore says:

    Hey guys. I”m not actually joining any dicussions just yet, just testing to see if my Gravitar thingie works.Report

  2. Avatar Roque Nuevo says:

    I don’t know how best to solve the problems in this growing war between the Mexican government and cartels, but I am largely persuaded that drug legalization is the only long-term method to undercut the economic power of the cartels and handicap their ability to wage war.

    Just so you know, we agree on this one. I’ll go you one better, though: the war on drugs is the most egregious, disgusting, and destructive of all the US interventions in LA in history. It’s so bad that people don’t even call it by it’s correct name (intervention).

    So, along with legalization, the US should make reparations to LA for 30 years of the drug war. A kind of Marshall Plan for the post-drug war reconstruction, which would have the benefit of requiring cooperation among the nations of LA. This would have the benefit of being a capitalist “Bolivarian dream” that Hugo Chávez can shove up his …Report