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Starla Jackson
The Unbearable Whiteness Of Being Empirical
Boris Johnson set to win a clear majority in U.K. election, exit poll suggests
Weekend Plans Post: The Last Potentially Normal Weekend
Holiday Reminder: 3 Ways America Could Care for It’s Veterans Better
UPS Truck Hijacked. Hijackers Shot, Killed. UPS Truck Driver Shot, Killed. Bystander Shot, Killed. Passive Voice Used.
UK Elections: The Limits of Comparisons
The Dark Road of Censorship
Clare Briggs
Waiting For The Mail
Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned on Sesame Street
Greta Thunberg named Time’s Person of the Year 2019.
Teri Peters
The Other Victims of the Opioid Crisis
Star Wars Episode VII: The Saga Awakens

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AvatarBrandon Berg in reply to George Turner
+ Where did you hear that? I've never heard of Chinese people having problems with math due to the writing system. It's also not clear to [. . .]
+ My take is always "this person is saying what they're saying seriously!" I mean, sure. To some extent, people are likely to say something like "nobody [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Oscar Gordon
+ I have doubts about that. China still has trouble with math because of their writing system, and even with computers and ink jet printers, [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to CJColucci
+ ...possibly leading to different results... The spin on particles might be measured with different tests, maybe getting results faster or slower... but spin is a [. . .]
AvatarOscar Gordon in reply to Michael Cain
+ I don't think you can overstate how important Gutenberg was to propagating the developments of Western science and math. If China or the Middle [. . .]
AvatarBrandon Berg in reply to Jaybird

That's satire right? Do people still Kael unironically? Even Pauline Kael didn't Kael unironically.

AvatarAaron David
+ Aside from my usual weekend time of Getting Out of My Wifes Hair (she is any only child who grew up in the country, and [. . .]
Starla JacksonStarla Jackson in reply to Jaybird
+ In bio areas there kinda is. Not as *big* a crisis as like, psychology, but it turns out a lot of papers of the form [. . .]
+ With my math historian and more-generic historian hats on, there are two things about the Leibniz/Newton development versus everyone else. First, differentiation and integration [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to Chip Daniels
+ ...that doesn’t explain... :Shrug: You asked why I think the gov's heavy mis-regulation is responsible for the majority of the problem and I've answered. Each [. . .]
+ Graduation is tomorrow. We're expected to go - we have to formally request to be absent. Like any odd rule, there is an odd backstory [. . .]
AvatarFrederick Bartlett
+ Let's consider music, instead. After all, many scientists are also musicians. Music is different in different places. African music is strongly rhythmic, as compared to the [. . .]
AvatarMurali in reply to dragonfrog
+ Brown people did independently discover many aspects of calculus before Leibniz and Newton. Sure, we might have ended up with different notation, but that [. . .]
AvatarBrent F
+ The worst thing that happened to Labour recently was doing less bad in 2017 compared to expectations going in. That gave evidence to the widespread [. . .]
AvatarMurali in reply to Doctor Jay
+ Finally, I often hold out the possibility that such writers are using the same words I use, but mean them in a very different way, [. . .]
AvatarMurali in reply to George Turner

Chiropractors are like witch doctors. They are basically the TCM specialists or Ayurvedic medicine specialists of the West

AvatarOscar Gordon in reply to Dark Matter
+ There's a hell of a lot of room between "letting them go", and "don't engage them in a location where the risk for collateral damage [. . .]
+ Could very well be both. Labourers no longer felt represented by Labour. I'd say that the landslide is big enough that we can say it was [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Dark Matter
+ When you buy land for cash, that investment generates rental income during the delay period. Which is why developers only tear down the existing structures [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to CJColucci
+ I thought you meant that Lincoln advocated some actual move against slavery in the states where it existed. This didn't make a difference from the [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to Chip Daniels
+ So we expect developers to buy land for cash? And tie up that cash for years? And that's going to have a trivial [. . .]
AvatarMargos in reply to InMD
+ The contemporary community standards is the real issue. It's a holdover from the old "Banned in Boston" days, pre-incorporation, when federal courts were much more [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to DensityDuck
+ gonna go out on a limb and say that two dudes driving away from the scene in a UPS truck are probably not too [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Road Scholar
+ Probably why he had a number of envelopes in one place. This being a travelling upper class business man he probably had staff at the [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to George Turner
+ It's honestly rather good news, if George of all people is disavowing austerity politics and saying not only is the GOP not the party of [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Jaybird

So its about economic issues then, not social issues?

Great piece!! I was born in 1970 and watched Sesame Street pretty much since minute one.

+ If polling is any indication... K we now have a new leader for strongest correlation, and I think this is narratively significant:The share of workers in [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to Jaybird

And if they had Venezuela's system, someone would use his hair for food!

AvatarChip Daniels in reply to PD Shaw

What are the motivations of the "not-liberal" group?

+ At least for calculus, Newton and Leibniz are still a useful experiment... While both were white males, they developed calculus (largely) independently and from different directions. [. . .]
+ It Begins: Campaign reporters, please ask Bernie when you get the chance about his apparent tolerance for the occasionally anti-Semitic indulgences of his surrogates and campaign [. . .]
AvatarPD Shaw in reply to Chip Daniels
+ Just to be clear, the social conservatives in the UK, at least until this year were primarily in the Labour Party. From one of [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Chip Daniels

It wasn't a Republican proposal, it was a proposal from the presidential commission Obama set up.

AvatarChip Daniels in reply to George Turner

So Obama countered the Republican proposals with smaller cuts?

Acquitted on all charges!

Avatarcarolyn jenkins in reply to Pam
+ Thank you, Pam! Neglected to say I had been in pain and on medication for 25 YEARS ON THE SAME STABLE DOSE"!! when ABRUPTLY [. . .]
AvatarEric Cunningham in reply to Oscar Gordon

Watch the Clone Wars first as well. It makes Rebels even better.

AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Chip Daniels
+ I'm pretty sure Obama has Secret Service protection, so you might need to try something else. Under the Bowles-Simpson plan of 2011, they intended to: * Reduce [. . .]
Avatarcarolyn jenkins in reply to Sam Wilkinson
+ Perhaps I don't understand what you are saying! As a chronic pain patient tapered off her medication last yr who has attempted suicide, I don't [. . .]
+ According to Moneywise , $2000 invested in 2005 would be worth: $2,000 invested in stocks would give you around $4,420 today. $2,000 invested in gold would [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to George Turner
+ As the shop steward and enforcer of party discipline, I would like to name names of which Democrats proposed cutting Social Security benefits, so I [. . .]
Avatargreginak in reply to George Turner
+ Umm yeah it would have been just great to invest a ton of SS money in the stock market in the mid 00's. There weren't [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Jaybird
+ The comments on that Tweet are hilarious, clever variations on the theme of "Under a different set of rules, I would have won!". I think they'd [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to North
+ I'm still wondering why cutting Social Security (which Democrats wanted to do and which Republicans stopped) is a right-wing thing. The proposal to [. . .]